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Seattle Magazine - June 2016
Seafood Dishes We Love - We could try to name our city’s best seafood restaurant. But it’s an almost impossible task with so many solid seafood dishes served by so many restaurants in our city. These dishes are stand outs. Catch them when they’re in season.
Study Finds Puget Sound Salmon Low in Contaminants
A recent scientific study at the University of Washington has confirmed that Puget Sound Keta Salmon is nearly free of environmental contaminants, so consumers can eat this local fish with confidence.
Salmon Bycatch Report by Steve Mathews
Two recent reports compare bycatch mortalities of chinook and coho salmon during the fall Puget Sound chum salmon season, for the two major gear types – gillnets and purse seines.
Farmer's Pal-International Farm
& Green Business Directory

Online national directory of all things organic,
sustainable and local

September, 2013
Green Fertility
A review of Loki's wild salmon jerky
March, 2010
A Fish For All Seasons
Pete talks to Seattle Metropolitan
Magazine about halibut

June, 2009
Local fishing business celebrates
30 years of keeping it in the family

West Seattle Herald article
May, 2009
Farm Fresh Family
Janet McDevitt and her family explore
eating locally

March, 2009
Home-Cured Salmon
Mixed Greens Blog uses Loki’s sockeye
fillets to prepare a holiday appetizer

January, 2009
DIY Sushi
Nancy Leson of the Seattle Times uses
Loki's ikura for making sushi at home

December, 2008
Mixed Greens Blog
Eating Locally in the Pacific Northwest
August, 2008
“Low-Key” Salmon
Farmers Market Forays blog entry
February, 2008
Loki Salmon vs. Bumblebee
Local Farmers Market blog entry
July, 2008

Political and Environmental Issues

Fisherman sue state over chum changes
Seattle Post Intelligencer article
October, 2007
Marketing efforts of gillnetters derailed
Seattle Post-Intelligencer article
November, 2007
Fishing is a family affair
Seattle Post-Intelligencer article
Watch companion mini-documentary Jonah's Boat.
September, 2006
Buying fish off the boat
is quintessential Seattle

Seattle Post-Intelligencer article
January, 2004
The Port's Jet Set
Seattle Weekly Article
April, 2002
Fishermen form sea of protest
Seattle Times article
May, 1992